Searched the Internet for “Mind Control” or “Targeted Individuals”, Confused?

Check out:

Maybe having some of these symptoms:

– Maybe you have constant humming in left ear/head, sometimes pitch sounds (buzzing) in the left or right side?

– Maybe when you sleep on your right side, with your right side of the head against the pillow you sometimes hear something like clock ticking?

– Maybe you sometimes sleep to much and sometimes can’t sleep at all or stay up all night?

– Maybe you think that one is being watched constantly, maybe looked for hidden cameras in the apartment where you live?

– Maybe you notice that people outside of your house are imitating your private moves and habits you do only in your privacy?

– Maybe you notice strange looks from the people around you, or comments?

– Maybe sometimes headache?

– Maybe unexplained sexual arousal in inappropriate situations? Or lack of it when there should be?

– Maybe occasional sirens or strange voices on the left side of the head/ear?

– Maybe you sometimes have strange dreams?

– Maybe sometimes you hear clicks like a morse code on the left side of your head/ear?

– Maybe sometimes you find yourself constantly talking to yourself from the inside of your head?