You can always find a place to go if you can keep your sanity

How many people are roaming “free” in this virtual prison these days? Who can tell, maybe couple of hundred in the modern World? In these modern times it’s probably actually possible that not all get a psych diagnose, I guess that good old schizophrenia is no more in ;). Some are probably living their lives not realizing how “psychiatrists”* are controlling their lives and play them. This is a form of discrimination and they know it, they see it well, truth to you are lies to them. Even if someone realizes that something strange is going on they’ll get on the Internet and find people who call themselves “Targeted Individuals” or “TIs” for short, and they get bombarded with weird stories. Well, I have a news for you, more than 95% of people who call themselves “TIs” and who are fighting windmills are actually free people with “psychiatrist”* right and they’re out to play you, make you waste your time and lead you in the wrong direction (read more on ). The crucial thing in all this is to keep your sanity. Although you will find that you sometimes can’t control what is going on inside of your head but you can always control your actions. You can always find a place to go if you can keep your sanity. They won’t physically hurt you if you didn’t do anything seriously wrong and in that case you would not roam “free” in this virtual prison, you’d be locked somewhere like a mental hospital. “No more can they keep us in, listen damn it we will Winn” as the song goes… You can even Work and have friends. The door might be open if you’re true. Endurance is the key. And stay alive.

*by “psychiatrists” I don’t mean medical doctors who are officially publicly known as psychiatrists and who are licensed to deal drugs, I mean some people (very most of the people these days) who have the right to play others who don’t belong, more on:

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