Of all the things that can be lost, I’d miss my sanity the most

You know, I wonder how many people in this World are in this situation, not many I guess. I can’t find no-one, at least no-one who realizes, yet. Me, I pushed it as far as I could go, but I never hurt anyone and never really got too too far, I’ve shown some signs of intelligence, and avoided the worst they were setting me up with, I know the difference between right and wrong, but what they’ve tried to do to me is unforgiving. When I was 18 I changed my name, no big deal someone can say, everybody can change their name easily – not true in my situation. When I was 30 “psychiatrists” in my head revealed them selves to me and it struck me, they had me on surveillance since I was 9 years old, they controlled my sexuality making me horny on what they seemed fit, watching what would I’d do and basically I was impotent without them and tech. Unbelievable.

When I realized it, I consciously pushed it further, I got three tattoos, YIN-YANG on my arm wrist, black raven on my arm, and eye of the Horus on my chest – all that in the last 5 years when I stopped being scared.

Now, I’m 43, have a good job with lots of responsibilities, hey recently I become Chief Information security Officer in my company, although I’m not Manager and I will not have any people below me because you know… but who knows…

I hang out with some people I can call friends (both genders) and they’d even lend me money if I wanted to, but I’m doing ok financially and don’t needed. They are used to me making jokes at my expense and they’ve accepted me. So things are doing well right now.

Like I said, I wonder if’s anyone else out there, some confused soul who is bombarded with Hall and Duncan videos, and all the staff he might be reading online. I say, if someone roams freely things can’t be that bad, I mean these people can easily lock someone in the mental institution, even kill someone without funeral or grave like they used to some 40, 50 or 60 years ago. This situation is a form discrimination and they know it. It’s not easy and it’s not fair but that’s the way it goes. But times changed.
I’m writing this for those behind my eyes as well as for someone who finds it interesting, even amusing it’s fine with me šŸ˜‰

Ozzy once said:

“Of all the things that can be lost, I’d miss my sanity the most”

Actually I think he said: “Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my sanity the most”

And he calls himself the madman, one of the biggest “psychiatrist” in a role šŸ˜‰

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