It’s important to keep some sense of humor in this situation

I think it’s important to keep some sense of humor in this situation, so here are a couple of jokes I made up about my situation and joking around with free people around me:

“I’d run for the President, I bring vice president and advisers in my head so I’d save tax payers some money.”

“I’m schizophrenic, but my other personality is a “psychiatrist” and he says I’ll be fine.”

“Wait a sec, “psychiatrists” are clicking me… now it’s good, I cursed their mothers inside my head and they learned their lesson.”

“20 years ago when I had a girlfriend “psychiatrists” watched me having sex with her, I guess they made some good porn movies because they made me so horny.”

“What did you asked me? Wait a sec, I have to ask “psychiatrists” inside my head what they think… they say “Fuck you” so there you go, they said it not me.”

“So they made me an Information security officer, that’s funny because I can’t keep any of my passwords a secret, but it’s OK because “psychiatrists” in my head are more concerned about what kind of porn do I watch.”

These jokes might seam a little vulgar to you, but I got to tell you that I started to do that only in the last couple of years when I stopped being scared and needles and pins in my body started to turn from shine to rust, to be poetic, but I went through my share of sorrow, believe me. My time is still to come. If you are the guy in this situation (most likely the case) be vary careful with porn. “These times are sent to try men’s souls but something’s wrong with all you see” Remember, “Through your eyes their light burns, Hoping to find, Inquisition sinking you With prying minds”.

*by “psychiatrists” I don’t mean medical doctors who are officially publicly known as psychiatrists and who are licensed to deal drugs, I mean some people (very most of the people these days) who have the right to play others who don’t belong.

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