It’s CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, Masons, Secret services, Illuminati, Aliens (Alien tech)…

You see my irony in this title, don’t you? This is something you can hear in so called “TI” community. And you may hear something like this:

“My Neighbor is hitting me with lasers (or DEW).”

“My dog is being tortured.”

“FBI agents are stalking me.”

“Secret Mafia World wide organization is stalking people…”

The “Doctors” in “TI” community will tell you something like this:

“This is an advanced technology not thought in school.”

“You don’t need implants to do this.”

“CIA or renegade CIA Agents are harassing people…”

Well, I have a news for you, CIA, NSA, FBI… don’t care about you at all. They are there to hunt down free roaming criminals who I can assure you don’t have “cameras” in their eyes and have a “psychiatrist” right but they have chosen the path of crime because they could. These are drug dealers, thieves, murderers, rapists, terrorists… and they are hoping to get away with their crimes if Police, CIA, NSA, FBI… don’t catch them. And jails are full of them, they do the time based on their crimes, sometimes life sentence, sometimes even a death penalty. You, on the other hand most likely didn’t do anything that serious, maybe you were punished for your thoughts when “psychiatrists” interrogated you during the sleep, who knows what might have you told them during the hypnosis state while sleeping? Thought police? Witch-Hunt is riding. They find you because they could, because you don’t have a “psychiatrists” right and you didn’t inherit that from your parents who might be the reason you are in this situation in the first place, maybe they didn’t tell you so you wonder why? Maybe there were some incest in your family you don’t know about, maybe something worst like pedophilia? Or there was someone in your family who they say had “schizophrenia” and now they say you inherited it? Seeking no truth. The point is who cares? They are raping your rights because they can. Because you don’t belong. You know how they say: America – the land of the free. And it’s funny when I mention it because I don’t even live in US, but it’s absolutely true. People with “psychiatrist” right constitute modern society (not just in US, but all over the modern World). They are the low. Almost all people have this right these days, the others are not many. Are we approaching to an evolution end? Because they will be only ones left and with no-one
left to screw? Look for another example, the biggest shame in their history was Hitler and Nazis. They all belonged and look what they did?

About this one:

“This is an advanced technology not thought in school.”

This is not so advanced technology after all, Bionic eye, Bionic ear (How do you think deaf people hear?), brain electrodes, brain batteries… most of these are thought in meds schools, NOT your school. And I think the only school they would not allow you to go is meds school.

You know, I tried to go get medical scans of my body, but I have stalkers who are seeing what I see so they are always one step ahead, those in the Hospital all know about me, but they will keep playing like nothing serious is going on and you’d get fake results showing nothing, when in fact your head and body is full of staff. It’s not easy, it’s not fair but that’s the way it goes. For the same reason you can’t sue anyone. No-one ever sued for this. This can’t go public. But when you think about it, the compensation for this would be enormous. First, you have to become a “psychiatrist” to do that. 😉 Easier
said then done. No-one ever made it.

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