Why Bob Marley was one of the greatest “psychiatrists” in my book

Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim. He is considered one of the most influential musicians of all time.

Make no mistake about it, what I’m telling can’t be found in mainstream media. Bob Marley was one of the first World famous musicians who spoke about it in his songs (some songs, and it was the only way he could) and he encouraged others like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Linkin Park, Muse and some others who are not that famous. He head no schooling at all but he was so great and high in pyramid unlike those “Doctors” in “TI” community who shouldn’t be listened to or trusted.

Couple of his songs right on the subject are:

“Could you be loved”, “One love”, “Get up stand up”, “Bad Card”, Who the Cap fit”, “Waiting in Vain”.

These are songs from the 70’s when witch-hunt was at its peak (as well as the 60’s and 80’s). It was World wide. “Psychiatrists” were exploiting their supremacy. The ultimate in vanity.

“Say something! Say something! Reggae, reggae! Say something! Rockers, rockers!” He says in “Could you be loved”, and they did. I’ll let the music do the rest of the talking, here is “Could you be loved” and the rest collection of music I picked from You Tube

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