You, you’re smothered in tragedy And you’re out to save the world?

Shrinks would say this is an illusion of greatness and I have no illusion. I consider myself a “King Nothing” at least so far. I fight calmly and within the law. I don’t want to give “psychiatrists” in my head any reason to declare me a threat to the society and lock me up somewhere. I choose to live and see what happens. Just, my situation got me thinking about the future of man kind and what I’m telling about openly is the biggest public secret. Is the brain interface the future of man kind and some 50 years in the future everyone would have it? I mean “psychiatrists” can hear my inside dialog real time in their head or with headphones. Do those around me have some receiver in their ears or they have it implanted in their heads like I do? So many unanswered questions. I guess they could do this 50 years ago already. What do they have right now? Right now should be possible to communicate via brain interface with someone on the other side of the globe via the Internet. They can probably broadcast even what I see to the other side of the World. What will they have 50 years from now is unimaginable. Are they planning to build some king of network (Matrix) and try to connect all people? I know I should avoid shows like South Park because I don’t want to have all this sick staff inside of my head, and you should also, but there was an episode where Cartman acquires a new social media device called Shitter, which is being advertised on TV by Alec Baldwin. The device broadcasts a user’s thoughts audibly and sends them directly to the Internet without the use of a phone. Cartman decides to use this device while infiltrating the NSA in order to broadcast his thoughts to the Internet. Not far away from the truth I’m living.


Stay away from sick shows like South Park as far as possible. “Psychiatrists” might trick you into watching shows like that – Do not do it. I told you what is the plot of that particular episode and that should be enough. Your brain might still be a gelatin and you don’t want that sick staff in your head.



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