Welcome home (Sanitarium)

You know, if they wanted locked they would have done it a long time ago. In fact there were 3 times when I turned myself voluntary into mental Hospital. Last time some 5 years ago when I got a YIN-YANG tattoo on my wrist. In each case because of the chronic lack of sleep and constant unstoppable inner dialog and them inside my head and I’m not saying it for kicks like most of the people who call themselves TI’s these days. I used to roam my Town in the middle of the night and spending time in a noise basement Casino trying to mask myself and them inside of my head. I was going to work exhausted and each time I knew I could not keep that forever. My goal was to keep my job and not do anything stupid so I’d take a couple a days of sick leave and see how it goes. If it hadn’t been well I’d turn myself into mental Hospital usually in the middle of the night. Last time when I got a YIN-YANG tattoo American asshole “Master Shitter” I call him told me to go to the bridge and jump and if I turn myself in to the Hospital they will torture me. Asshole didn’t want to play anymore, waste his life on me. Luckily I didn’t listen to him. I came to a mental Hospital, as usual in the middle of the night and they made me wait in the waiting room for more then hour listening the war inside of my head. I remember, there was also a guy who tried to turn himself in and acting like a complete wacko like you see in the movies. Suddenly the guy sat near me and not looking at me calmly said: “Pull yourself together. Be tough.” I calmed down a bit, there are people on my side. The guy was a big “psychiatrist” playing the role of mental patient. Finally the shrink came and ask me why do I want to turn myself in. I said to him: “They are screwing me with brain interface and don’t let me sleep. I want to keep my job.” OK, he said, but this is your last time because if you don’t take your medicine next time we will refuse to take you in. I said OK.

Inside I pulled my self together after a couple of days. They were all listening to my non-stop internal dialog. I played chess with them some said: “See, it can be done”. After a couple of weeks I was regenerated and went back to work. Everybody seam to be friendly with me. Funny thing was, the Hospital wanted me to pay them money for spending some time inside LOL. I said: I ain’t paying shit, without your buddy’s and a brain interface I wouldn’t be here in a first place. I never payed them a dime. When leaving the Hospital I had a talked with shrink and told him that I don’t want to take pills because it’s bad for my digestion, he said OK, there is new drug which you can take only once a moth as an injection shot at your family doctor and it costs about 200 $ in US currency per shoot but you can get it for free. I said OK, it doesn’t sound so bad, once a month, everything is done via brain interface anyway, so I agreed. I’ve been taking it ever since. I feel good right now and optimistically looking into future. They even promoted me to a Information security Officer at my company. Doesn’t look bad for a schizophrenic 😉 My time is yet to come. They never know when will I stop using the drug or when the needles and pins inside my body will turn from shine to rust, to be poetic. Meanwhile, my revenge is to tell the World and everybody.

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