“psychiatrists” culture

I remember some 15 years ago when I still didn’t realize I have “cameras in my eyes” and that “psychiatrists” are playing me, I got into a personal development field and studied some NLP. I remember listening Richard Bandler’s (co-founder of NLP) seminars and he would often tell stories how he used to visit mental Hospital at the beginning of the 90’s. He often in his seminars told stories about a guy named Charlie (he called him “real schizophrenic). When Bandler first came to a mental Hospital he saw a guy sitting on a floor wearing dirty and all washed out clothes. He asked the guy what seams to be a problem, why is he here? And guy leaned over to him and told him: “No, no, I’m a psychiatrist and I’m observing”. I guess that Bandler was just saying to much, he didn’t realize who might be listening his seminars 😉 Anyway, back to Charlie, they called him real schizophrenic and Charlie was hearing voices. He thought the voices are coming from the Jesus and from the Devil and point out to him some things he did bad when he was a kid. Charlie lived in a mental Hospital for two years. You know what Bandler did if his story is true? He and the hospital staff arranged an appearance of a holographic image of Jesus or Devil, I can’t remember exactly, and Bandler spoke to Charlie through a megaphone: “Charlie, you will never hear my voice again”. Bandler tells the story in a funny way but knowing what I know today it’s no more funny to me. Charlie didn’t realize “psychiatrists” are playing him. Bandler had a talk with him and asked him about his love drive, and Charlie said: “I have no love life, no sexual drive whatsoever “. Bandler said to Charlie: “They are going to let you go Home and I have a tip for you, there is channel called Playboy channel” and he gave Charlie signs with his eyebrows. Of course Charlie didn’t have any sex drive while inside, “psychiatrists” rule says we don’t make “real schizophrenics” horny while inside, he has to be at home so we can watch him masturbate through his own eyes. At least Bandler didn’t recommend Internet where there are still things that should not be but it was on the begging of the 90’s. At that time already, “psychiatrists” could not keep someone inside without a court order anymore, especially if he didn’t do anything seriously wrong. So Charlie went out and “psychiatrists” got him a job. What happened to Charlie till then I don’t know. Is Charlie still alive? Did he realize what did they do to him? Anyway back then I didn’t realize either. I was like Charlie. Although, nobody that I know calls me “real schizophrenic” besides myself when I joke about it at my own expense. I don’t know who will find some use of the things that I write but there is no way that I’m all alone in the whole World. “Psychiatrists” culture is interesting, basically the biggest freaks that can be seen in a mental Hospitals these days are really “psychiatrists”, I think that there is a rule that apply the bigger the freak, the greatest the “psychiatrist”. There are few people like Charlie or me these days.

I remember reading that a member from rock band Jetro Thull from 60’s and 70’s was living inside a mental Hospital, they even had rehearsals there, and I can assure you that he wasn’t the “real schizophrenic”. He was probably the greatest “psychiatrist” over there. So, if you ever end up in a mental Hospital take a look around you, those people are not Cult, not Illuminati, not Masons, they are “psychiatrists”, they play freaks inside, they even get tied up to keep there culture alive, they take pills, for which I can’t tell are there only bonbons or the real deal, but it doesn’t matter. YOU have to be perfectly calm and do what they want. Befriend them, give them a cigarette if you smoke… they will release you soon, just stay calm and show them that there is no malice in you.